About Us

 Koperasi Samudra Malaysia Berhad (KSMB) was incorporated on the 16th October, 2009 and the establishment was to increase the socio-economic of its members. KSMB also established in order to give its members opportunities as well as to be involved in the cooperative activities. KSMB has planned diversified activities in economy and has consensus from its members for its business activities. However its core business is CREDIT and venturing into Buying and Selling GOLD and KSMB is planning to be involved in the GOLD industry which include manufacturing and mining in big scale which rarely get involvement from any cooperate body and generally by Bumiputras. KSMB has entrusted its Supplier which later form as a subsidiary company that will be dealing in Buying and Selling GOLD.   
       KSMB strives to create shared meaning and purposeful action that leads to the achievement of desired business results across global boundaries. KSMB are synergizing its businesses for strategic positioning as a market leader with a strong and profitable business in consumer gold saving, trading and retailing investment.
      KSMB has been successful in developing people capable of providing the leadership necessary to deliver consistently effective products and services to a global market place. In addition, it also leverages cultural differences into a distinctive business advantage. KSMB provides assurance to customers of consistent global leadership focus and direction. Currently, Koperasi Samudra Malaysia Berhad  (KSMB) has plan to create a Financial and GOLD hub platform in Malaysia in seven major related industries:

Personal Financing & Gold Trading Investment Platform
·      Personal Loan Financing
·      General Insurance
·      Consumer Product
·      Scrap Gold
·      Pawn shop/Ar-Rahnu
·      Goldsmith Retailing
·      Gold Manufacturing/Refinery/Assayer